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Patient data are geographically dispersed, difficult to access, and often, stored in siloed project-specific databases preventing large-scale data aggregation, standardisation, integration/harmonisation and advanced disease modelling. The ELIXIR Cloud and Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) project aims to leverage a coordinated network of ELIXIR Nodes to deliver a Global Alliance for Genomic Health (GA4GH) standards-compliant federated environment to enable population scale genomic and phenotypic data analysis across international boundaries and a potential infrastructure to enable 1M Genome analysis.

ELIXIR Cloud and AAI

The ELIXIR Cloud & AAI project will lay the groundwork to deliver the foundational capability of federation of identities, sensitive data access, trusted hybrid cloud providers and sensitive data analysis services across ELIXIR Nodes by underpinning the conversation between partners with the GA4GH standards and ELIXIR trans-national expertise. The project is also developing a security and trust framework based on national federations and compliance processes to enable the community to securely access and analyse sensitive human data without compromising privacy and informed consent.

ELIXIR Cloud and AAI Technology Stack

To leverage the federated life-science infrastructure of ELIXIR, the project is developing:

ELIXIR :: GA4GH Alignment

The commitment of the project is to provide a global ecosystem of joint sensitive data access and analysis services where federated resources for life science data are used by national and international projects across all life science disciplines, with widespread support for standard components securing their long-term sustainability. Connecting distributed datasets via common standards will allow researchers unprecedented opportunities to detect rare signals in complex datasets and lay the ground for the widespread application of advanced data analysis methods in the life sciences.


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